Random Favorite Zoya Swatches/Review Part II


So, yesterday, I shared with you all a few random favorite Zoyas! Since it was such a helpful post, I decided to show you some more pretties. You can find PART I here. (All 2 coats unless otherwise mentioned)

I believe the PROMO has been extended until the 13th of January, so you can still afford to look at swatches! Yay!

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Let’s get this Zoya Party started!

Daul is an amazing foil that is part of the Diva Collection. It does look similar to Faye, and I did a comparison post on it HERE.


Dannii is kinda sorta similar, and it was my first Zoya purple, and it’s just beautiful.

From the Intimate Collection.


Paloma is a gorgeous magenta jelly that is amazing and reminds me of jelly of the edible variety. 😉

From the Gloss Collection.


Frida is a dark teal jelly, which of course, is MY FAVORITE. Anything teal or of the teal family is my favorite. Yum.

From the Gloss Collection.


Zoya Evvie is From the Designer Collection and is a gorgeous smoked blueish/greenish grey. If that makes any sense. Take a look!


Yara is a murky green (kind of similar to Zoya Shawn) but with gold flakes, see HERE to compare.

From the Mirrors Collection. 


Arizona is a yellow-toned orange, which is quite flattering! I really love this juicy color!

From the Beach Collection. 


Rica is a fireball in nail polish form. There are no words. Look at this beauty!

From the Sunshine Collection.


Zoya Maura is an orange-toned red, which is gorgeous and classic. Almost looks tomato red. Delicious!


* Polishes from the Diva, Designer, and Gloss Collection were provided for review, but the others were purchased by me. *


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