Random Favorite Zoya Swatches/Review


Since there’s an amazing promo going on with Zoya, I decided to compile a few of my favorite random Zoya swatches. I have MANY favorites, and these are just 10 (1 bonus) of them, so hope this helps you pick your 3. To view more info about the promo, click HERE.


Quickly, may I add that if you open a brand new account using THIS LINK you will get a coupon code in MY ACCOUNT > MY PROMOTION CODES for one FREE nail polish, and you can add 2 more polishes (pay full price) and get FREE shipping, as well. Now, that’s a deal. I don’t think you can use 2 promos at once, so I would choose the Get 3 FREE* first, and use the one I just mentioned later.

Now, let’s show off some Zoyas (most are 2 coaters unless otherwise mentioned!) and hopefully you find something you want/need! 😉

Pippa is a gorgeous yellow, which is streaky at first coat, but evens out. It’s also a bit thin, so tread lightly.

 From the La-di-da Collection.


Charla reminds me of a mermaid, and that alone made me buy it. So pretty!! I did 2 coats, but if you can’t deal with VNL (Visible Nail Line) then do another coat. Also, be mindful, that this stains, so please double up on base coat!

From the Sparkle Collection.


Next up is Zuza, which is similar to Charla but a little duller and still just as stunning! Love this pretty!

From the Surf Collection.


If you’re a nail polish hoarder (like me), then you obviously need  many whites, and this white is just like newly fallen snow. Beautiful and fresh! Purity is just perfect.

From the Extreme Collection.


Shawn was my FIRST Zoya, and it’s so beautiful, and almost finished! I got just enough for this swatch! You’re welcome. 😉

From the Wonderful Collection. 


Adina is a duochrome of lavender and green and gold. So delicate and pretty! It just glows!

From the Reverie Collection.


Another delicate beauty is Kristen. A dusty blue/grey. Beautiful!! It’s a bit thin and streaky, but it resolves by the 2nd coat.

From the Feel Collection. 


Kelly is a purplish blue grey. Such a lovely deep color, and absolutely rich buttery formula!

From the Wonderful Collection. 


Kimber is a stunning magenta foil. I am absolutely in love with this color. It looks fabulous on ANY and EVERY skin tone, no doubt. So pretty!

From the Surf Collection.


Song is a stunning blue with shimmer. Absolutely divine!!

From the Diva Collection.


Last but not least is lovely Yasmeen, a glowing purple with red shimmer. Just haute! Look at her!

From the Provocateur Collection.


So, there you have it. Few of my favorite random Zoyas! Do any of them make your wishlist??


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