OPI DS Jewel, Reflection, Sapphire and Temptation Swatches/Review


Since 2013 has begun, I figured I should definitely show you the DS’s I have excluding OPI Opulence (because that’s in a special post and because I couldn’t open the bottle again O.o). Some of these are now HTF (Hard to Finds), but you may be able to find them on Amazon, Ebay, or other places! So, so sparkly!

Let’s start with my VERY FIRST DS, Jewel. I purchased this because at that time, I ONLY wore reds, pinks and maroons and this was a pretty (but dirty) maroon/brown with gorgeous gold and maroon flakes. I had to thin this because it has thickened over time, so you may see that it has become a little lumpy. I’m definitely going to have to thin it again. This is 3 coats of Jewel.


Reflection is a recent purchase and is a gorgeous bright pink with diamond sparkle. I love this, and it’s a good follow-up to Opulence, which is a dull pink/mauve with diamond sparkle. It’s quite opaque at 1 coat, but I did 2 coats to get the diamond sparkle to glow a bit more. Gorgeous.


Sapphire is a linear holographic polish. It’s sheer, and can be layered over a similar blue (I would suggest Zoya Kristin), but I decided to layer it over itself 4 times, and I think it’s a perfect holographic!!


Temptation is a blue jelly with purple and blue glitters, which builds up to opacity in about 3 coats. Be careful, though, it’s a bit thick. Pretty, huh?


Which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)?

I am pretty fond of Jewel and Sapphire (my birth stone).

Edit: :facepalm: I mixed up the names, and the pink one is Reflection not Reserve and the last one is Temptation and not Magic.

Website: opi.com
Facebook: OPI Products

* These were all purchased by me. *


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