Pretty & Polished House of Brick Swatch/Review


I have ANOTHER Pretty & Polished for you today! Also, Happy New Year’s Eve! 🙂 This baby is from the Heavy Metals collection, which also includes a purple and green metallic, as well! Super gorgeous!

I really love this red (has a lot of orange in it) metallic and you can see a bunch of shimmer and a subtle frosty metallic glow to it. I’m really interested in trying the purple and green – 2 of the colors I hoard THE most. This was only 2 coats, so you can see that it’s pretty easy to reach opacity! It’s quite lovely, and I really love it on.


Very short post, apologies. I’m going to work on my NYE manicure sometime during the day, so look forward to a post about that! 🙂

What are YOUR plans for NYE and what will be on your nails to ring in the New Year 2013?

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