butter London Scouse vs. Barielle Jillian’s Jammin’


Okay, so this is another comparison post with 2 extremeeee beauties: butter London Scouse and Barielle Jillian’s Jammin’. They are both equally gorgeous. Lots of pictures to look at!! Let’s get straight to the point!

butter London Scouse is a beautiful royal blue (extreme) shimmer jelly with purple duochrome goodness! I didn’t expect it to be this sheer (3 coats shown below), but it still was as lovely as I expected! Here are a few pictures of Scouse (which is a term for people originating in Liverpool or their accent/dialect).

bLScouse bLScouse1 bLScouse2 bLScouse3

Spectacular, ain’t it? I am still drooling over this masterpiece of a blue!

Barielle Jillian’s Jammin (click the link to see more pictures of this and other beauties from this collection) is not as blue, it’s more of a teal with a slight purple duochrome. They are very, very similar in formula and sparkle-wise, but they are definitely NOT dupes! Hurray! Here’s what they look like next to each other so you can see the difference.


Gorgeous! To be honest, I can’t really say I have a favorite of the two because they are both unique in their own ways. I really do like the duochrome obviousness in Scouse and yet I like the teal of Jillian’s Jammin. They both have SO much beauty!

Which one’s your favorite? Would you buy one or the other? Or, would you get them both?

* Product  sample of the Barielle was provided. I purchased Scouse. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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