LVX Winter Resort Collection 2013


LVX is quickly becoming one of my favorites! It’s definitely LVX, or what it means in Latin: LUX. Let’s get straight to business. One small complaint was that the formulas were extremely thick. The brush was super wide, but it was totally worth it for the colors.

Tribute is a gorgeous inky and shimmer navy blue. I have to say this is the navy blue I’ve been wishing for! I love it. It only took 1 swipe to get this richness.

LVX Tribute

Luxe is a sparkly, diamond-like silver. It is just perfect. So opaque and rich that it took only 1 coat to look this good!


Alchemy is a magnificent gold. It was love at first sight for me on this one. I love golds, but this is the most delicious shade of gold. 1 coat.


Aubergine is my new favorite purple. I love purple nail polish probably because it goes well with my skintone, I’ve noticed. This one was no different. It is definitely an eggplant purple. This was a little difficult to work with as it kept dragging from the cuticles. It took 3 coats to get to where it looks stunning.


Dark Matter reminded me of an elephant gray or wet cement! I like grays and this one is super pretty! It almost had a taupe-feel to it. 2 coats.


Creamfields was a beautiful nude sheer. What I thought of immediately as I was putting this on was, “What a marvelous pastel white!” Then, I thought, “Wait, does that even exist?” I guess it does now! It was so beautiful and pure. Shown below is 3 coats. Also, wouldn’t this make an awesome “jelly” sandwich with some glitters?


Which ones are your favorites? Mine are Tribute, Aubergine and Creamfields!

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* Product samples provided for review.  All opinions are honest and my own. *

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