The Body Bartender Peep Show, Peek-A-Booty, and Tattoo Protection


I collect a lot of things, and one of them is cremes and lotions! I have for you today 3 products created by The Body Bartender for “the pin-up girl in YOU”.


Peep Show is an All-Over Body Firming Lotion, which tones and tightens. I’ve been trying this for a few months now, and I can say that it does make your skin feel moisturized and a bit tighter. I’m quite skeptical about products like this because I know that the only thing that can make you tone and tighten your body is really exercise, but I kept using this lotion to moisturize. The scent is a little familiar, and it reminds me of a pina colada scent.


Peek-A-Booty is a lotion that contains lipocare and diminishes dimples. The scent on this one reminds me of fresh paper. I couldn’t really figure the scent out. As for it working, it did seem to smooth skin, and I did use this a bit on my thighs to test it out. It was hard for me to see if it made a difference, as I’ve been working out to lose my pregnancy weight and have lost a bit of weight from that.


Although I don’t have any tattoos (I fantasize getting some and have a few designs selected in my mind, but I’m too chicken!), Tattoo Protection is still a good lotion to have since it contains SPF 30. As you may have guessed, it does have a subtle beachy scent, as most sunscreen lotions have, but it’s not as strong and that definitely makes it a bearable lotion. It is a bit sticky, though, so apply thin layers.


Overall, I do believe it’s a good idea to keep your skin moisturized and by doing so, your skin will be good to you by being tight and toned. The packaging is super cute, as pin-up girls are so vintage and sexy. The scent of Peep Show (the Pina Colada-ish scent) was my absolute favorite!

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* Products sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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