China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil


I JUST got my Cirque Du Soleil order in, so I have to, have to show you! I purchased Surreal Appeal, Igniting Love, Escaping Reality, and Def Defying. So beautiful! These are all 2 coats.

Surreal Appeal is a near-neon coral creme. It’s so beautiful! If you think it’s close to Flip Flop Fantasy, I would say it’s a little dustier than FFF. I haven’t compared the two yet, but that’s one I want to see.


Igniting Love is a beautiful bright red. It’s super bright and delicious.


Escaping Reality is a beautiful neon pink. It’s stunning! I love how these colors are so rich and opaque in 2 coats. This looks more subdued than in real life.


Def Defying is my absolute favorite. It’s a bright lime green that just looks gorgeous. I was a little worried that it might not look good with my skintone, but I actually love it.


Twitter: @ChinaGlaze

* Purchased by me *

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