Twenty Seven Polish Fake ID, My BFF <3, Space Cadet


I have for you today another fabulous Indie. I’m sitting here wearing one of them and cannot stop staring at my nails because I love the added bling. These are adorable layering glitters, and I’m a HUGE fan of those, especially when I hit a HOME RUN on the RIGHT base color! So, let’s get right to it!

I’m going to start off with the one I’m wearing right now, and I just can’t seem to take my eyes off it… My BFF <3! Cute name, and it is filled with red micro glitters, coral, teal and subtle yellow-gold hexes. I layered this over China Glaze Orange You Hot because it just seemed perfect for it, and to tell you the truth, it really, really was! I mean, look at this!! The glitters didn’t require fishing, but the one thing that threw me off was the thickness of it because even though I slathered 1 coat of this bad boy, it took quite awhile to dry, but that’s a sacrifice you got to make for beauty!

Next up is Fake ID, which I layered over hot and smoky Zoya Evvie. It was absolutely the right pick. I was looking for Zoya Natty, but couldn’t find her in my big ol’ nail polish shelf, so I decided to use Evvie, and boy, oh boy was this the perfect pair. There are teensy aqua-teal hexes and filled to the brim with micro purple glitters. It’s lovely! One coat was used.

Space Cadet is a fun mix of glitters: yellow, teal, and black hexes, a few black bars, and silver micro glitters. I layered this over Zoya Mitzi, a lime green matte, and it totally rocked my socks off. It looked terrific! I only got a few bars, but that was good because I’m not really a big fan of bar glitter anyhow. Look how vibrant that is! One coat shown below, as well.

You can find these and more on Twenty Seven Polish’s Etsy.
For more information, swatches, updates and more on Twenty Seven’s Facebook!

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