Zoya Ornate Collection Nail Art


I cannot get over the Zoya Ornate Collection, and I’ve been visualizing this VERY manicure, and I finally nailed it. Yes, corny, but TRUE! This is totally going to be my GO-TO mani this Holidays Season. All I used was a bit of tape and a steady hand. Oh, and of course, the gorgeous Blaze, Logan and Ziv from the newest collection by Zoya!

Why don’t we just look at the pictures? They will do the talking.

First, I taped off my fingers (tape where I wanted to paint in Blaze, the stunning raspberry jelly holo goddess!) and painted Blaze (where there wasn’t tape). Easy enough. Now, here’s where the hard part was, I used a steady, steady hand to paint in Blaze after I removed the tape (while Logan was still wet! Yes, sounds odd, but it turns out best this way).  Then after the two beauties were dry, I used HK Girl to seal in the holo goodness. Yes, this wasn’t necessary, but I wanted the pretties not to run together. Now, here’s where the tough part came in. I wiped off Ziv’s brush until there was the PERFECT amount (just enough) to freehand draw a line in between Logan and Blaze.

And, here’s the nail that I did THE best job on:

I plan on recreating this mani with a few other Ornates and plan on wearing this particular one to all Holiday parties. What do you think? Is this a look that interests you?

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