365 Days of Color Make Me Laugh-y Taffy: Go Pink Wednesdays!


Here’s our 2nd Pink Wednesday! I decided to use a polish I had purchased awhile back, and have been meaning to wear it, so this was the PERFECT opportunity. I bought this from Sunny of 365 Days of Color, who is a fellow blogger, and she has been featured on the blog a few times, as I have reviewed several of her pretties! I have also been a customer and purchased a BUNCH of stuff, and I can say I have more than a few Miracle Balms from her and have been meaning to purchase a few Cuticle Oils and God knows what else! Haha. Anyways, this is one of the polishes I made a point to buy because it’s so super unique and lovely! It’s a bubblegum pink jelly with rainbow mylar shreds, and it’s just so pretty! It even LOOKS like the candy!! I thought it was going to be horrific to apply, but quite on the contrary! It was a dream to apply, and it was also very glass-like, but I added a top coat to make it even more smooth to the touch. This is 4 very thin coats, so if you still don’t like the VNL (Visible Nail Line), all I would do is add a matching opaque bubblegum pink underneath, and I would suggest OPI Pink Friday. I, however, enjoy a good jelly and a good VNL, so this worked out for me.

HERE is her shop’s link!!

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