September Bloom Ambassador Box: Skyn Iceland


As a Mommy, I face many-a sleepless nights, but I know a cup of joe will keep me awake, but what to do about those puffy dark circles around my eyes? Well, Bloom introduced me to this new product, which will definitely help me look like an alert and well-rested Mommy! I  was really impressed with this product, Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels because I was a little skeptical wondering, “How could 10 minutes possibly help me look like I actually GOT sleep!?” Well, it did to its best ability, I think! There are 8 pairs of eye gels in a pack, and yes, you peel off the backing of each eye gel and place it under your eyes, let it rest there for 10 minutes and VOILA! Your eyes look much better than they did 10 minutes prior! My experience was that it felt nice and cool (and tingly, too!) on the delicate skin under my eyes, but afterwards, I felt a bit refreshed (still needing sleep, however, but refreshed).

The Skyn Iceland website shares these facts (and explains how it works for a better idea!):


  • Hydrolyzed elastin helps restore tone and firmness to under-eye area
  • Acetyl hexapeptide helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by calming muscles under the skin
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract relaxes blood vessels to improve blood flow and help reduce puffiness
  • Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals which lead to premature aging


When you’re run down and stressed out, the delicate skin under your eyes really takes a beating, resulting in puffiness and premature wrinkling.

In just ten minutes, this cooling transdermal gel patch infuses the eye area with concentrated doses of soothing ingredients to firm, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides and botanicals improve blood flow and reduce puffiness while advanced antioxidants help prevent future damage. The patch, a cutting-edge delivery system, is easy to both apply and remove and is non-irritating.

Would I use these again? Yes. Sometimes the circles under my eyes can be quite visible, and I tested it on the RIGHT day. I was exhausted! I had maybe 4 – 5 hours of actual sleep (life of a mother!) and it really helped for me to see its results.

Where can this be purchased? It can be purchased on or directly from the Skyn Iceland website.

* Product provided as part of the Bloom Ambassador Program. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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