OPI Sparrow Me the Drama with Hits Hefesto: Go Pink Wednesdays!


So, we’re going pink again! Today I have OPI Sparrow Me the Drama from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and it’s just a beautiful pink! The formula is just beautiful. It is a little thin, but I also did pick it up from the clearance bin at Ulta, so no idea if that’s what caused it, but it only needs 2 coats to be completely opaque, so that’s a plus, especially for it being such a light color! Also, it’s NOT a dupe of OPI Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection. Anywho, I didn’t want to just GO PINK, I also wanted to go holographic, so I topped it off with Hits Hefesto (2 coats), a holographic top coat (amazing! It works for every color, and it has a beautiful glass-like finish, so there’s no need for a top coat. It does however dry slowly, so that’s the only bummer, but the end results are SO worth it) which you can also purchase at Llarowe’s website (I got it there in February, and I am already thinking of getting a back-up or two!). So, let’s let the pictures do the talking, and don’t forget to be aware of breast cancer this month, and make sure you pledge to examine yourself to make sure you are healthy!!

Sorry about this above picture. It’s been gloomy, cloudy and rainy for a LONG time now, and that was the BEST picture of the holographic effect I could get. Maybe I will catch the sun one of these days while wearing a holographic polish!!


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