Jindie Nails BONANZA!


First of all, Happy Birthday to Jen’s (founder/owner of Jindie Nails) son’s birthday! My son’s 1st birthday and my husband’s birthday are tomorrow!! I have a bunch of her pretties today to share with all of you! It was definitely a treat and she’s just such a sweet lady to work with! I love her creations! Most of these are 3 coats unless stated otherwise.

I’m going to start with Smells like Green Spirit, an awesome (slightly lighter than) forest green jelly! It is amazing and has such unique qualities and is packed with amazing glitters! SO lovely!

Purple People Pleaser is an awesome layering glitter which I layered over Dazzle Dry Aegean Cruise (which is a water-blue and violet duochrome) and this looked absolutely MADE FOR EACH OTHER. I am IN LOVE with this combo. So gorgeous!!! It’s definitely a pleaser!

Natural Born Chiller was another one of my faves. I looooove teals, and this had teal hexes and purples, pinks, as well. I layered this over OPI Fly, and it’s another MADE FOR EACH OTHER combo! I love it!! Absolutely did NOT want to take this off whatsoever! It’s absolutely stunning, and her polishes are absolutely great – no problem with big glitters and the formula is just fantastic! RAVE RAVE RAVE! 🙂

Mega Pixels is a beautiful matte glitter top coat of different colors, and I layered this over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Cardigan (a teal jelly) and it’s absolutely perfect, as well. It’s really stunning together and would look even better over a baby pink! This was only 1 coat.

You guys probably already have seen how IN LOVE with I and the whole wide world of polish lovers is with white based and glitter polishes. Well, here’s a whole new breed! Peach-based with glitters (and YES there are teensy teal bar glitters and teal hexes – a teal lover’s paradise!! And, she also has 2 others, which I am eyeing REALLY HARD). Delicious. Live Fast, Die Polished kind of reminds me of a bellini and a peach milkshake. Yeah, guess who lives in the Peach State?

When I was younger, my first pet was a beta fish named Dimpy. I loved that fish SO dearly that when he died, I cried for weeks. So, this reminded me a LOT of Dimpy. He was a gorgeous blue beta fish with red stripes, and this was really close to my heart as I thought of him. Loved Dimpy so much!! This is a blue jelly – I’m not so sure if you can tell!! 🙂

That’s all I have for today, but I will be back with more, as I am strongly loving all the polishes in her shop, which can be found HERE.
You can also see swatches, previews, updates, shop opening times, and all the FUN stuff here on Facebook!
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* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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