KB Shimmer Quantum Leaf, Toucan Touch This, and Witch Way


Since my son is taking a nap, I thought I’d sneak this post in. I’m SURE you won’t mind considering these are *singing* GORGEOUSSSSSS!!!

Ever since KB Shimmer posted the Fall collection preview, I’ve been wiping the drool off my chin. And, keyboard. I was a little worried because I could NOT make a decision! I finally settled on 3 (for now) and I am IN LOVE. I had SUCH a hard time I even recruited the help of my husband who was even in awe by what nail polish has become now: REAL ART.

The first one I have for you is Quantum Leaf. This reminds me of living in Minnesota where the leaves would change colors and look SUPERB. This made me nostalgic, and I was stunned by how lovely this looked. It really looks like a pile of Autumn leaves. One of my FAVORITES. 3 coats below.

Toucan Touch This (such a cute name) is SO fun and reminds me of Toucan Sam from the cereal commercials. I think Toucans are gorgeous and I love lime green (and it’s a jelly which is a double love!) and adding an array of glitters just made it SO SO perfect. Look at this beauty. 3 coats below.

Witch Way is super duper awesome. Who doesn’t love staring out at the midnight sky when it’s clear out and seeing all the twinkly stars. Well, don’t worry about the mosquitos, you don’t have to camp out to see the night sky now. It can be right there on your nails. A true purple (just like the midnight sky) with millions of twinkly holographic stars. LOVE THIS.

Now, you’re asking me WHERE CAN I GET MINE?!

Well, if you are in the USA, you can purchase these from KB Shimmer’s Website. {{They also makes soaps, chapsticks, etc!!}}
KB Shimmer’s website does not ship internationally, but never fear, my international buddies, you can purchase YOURS from Harlow and Co.
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