LVX Summer Collection 2012

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Although I am late posting this AH-MAZINGLY AWESOME Summer collection, I can truly say that it can be used during the Fall. Beautiful, beautiful colors and fabulous pigmentations. I loved how these lovely polishes coated well in 1 – 2 coats.

Primrose (I guess I’ve just really been into Hunger Games a lot recently, but this reminds me of the narrator/main character, Katniss’ kid sister who she loves infinitely and purely!) is a perfect color. I love pastel yellows and mellow yellows, and I was absolutely blown away with the wonderful formula. Gorgeous!

Avireo is MY favorite. It’s an Army Green and just perfect in every way. LVX told me that they had issues with streaking and such, but I had no such issue. This was perfection!

Ecru is a pinkish nude. Just lovely and clean. I love how this collection is so versatile with all sorts of colors and possibilities.

Livid has since become my FAVORITE black creme. It applies flawlessly and will be my go-to polish all summer and for stamping needs.

Vermillion is a tangerine-red shade. I like to say that this is a crelly finish, but LVX describes it as an opaque creme (as is the entire collection) and it’s definitely a unique and bright red. Love it.

Callais, the perfect sky blue, looks just lovely. Have I mentioned how much I love the versatility of this collection? It’s SO good that you can wear the entire collection ALL year round without thinking, “Oh, this is SUCH a Summer color…”.

I really love the cute bottles that these babies come in – such class and quality! I really am looking forward to what else they have in store!!

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* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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