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When you love cosmetics and all things beauty, and you’re like me, you’re also into samples so you can try everything before you buy the full-size products. I like that these days there are many monthly subscriptions available, and Beauty Box 5 is one of them. I got the opportunity to receive a complimentary month of Beauty Box 5. ($12/month, $30/quarterly, $100/yearly and it ships out mid-month, so as you see, the more months you subscribe to, the more you save!) Now, let’s find out if it’s worth it! (Please enlarge photos to see packaging details/sizes/etc.)

It came in a pretty little drawstring bag. Cute! 🙂

The first product was the Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer (which I love). There’s nothing more I dislike than dry feet bottoms (that snag on socks – YUCK!), so this was an exciting product to try. I like that you get 5 uses out of it, so that makes it pretty worth it to me. The scent is wonderful since it contains Lavender-Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy. Perfect for relaxing!

Curl geL-Les’c is for “effortless, frizz-free curls” and I am glad I received this because I do indeed have curly hair that could always use something to tame them. Described as “it isn’t a gel, and not quite a serum”. Its texture is not thick and not thin, so that makes it something I would definitely ENJOY putting into my hair and the scent is not overbearing, as well. In fact, it has a fruity scent. The sample size is great – 2 oz! That might last me a couple of weeks or more considering I only wash my hair every other day! I like the fact that it gives me the opportunity to try it that long to see if I like it enough or not.

Blinc Mascara is definitely intriguing to me. It’s not really a mascara, it’s tubing for your lashes. I guess you have to try it to understand! It is supposed to be effortless to make your lashes look better and longer! Sounds good to me. It’s a small tube of mascara, but I guess I would be able to try it a few times – enough to understand the concept and see if it’s something necessary for me.

Bodyography is a clear primer for foundation. The tube is a little more than 1/2 an oz, which is a pretty good size! The primer itself is not sticky or greasy. I like that about it. It melts into your skin and makes it as if you applied nothing at all. Smells a little like aftershave, and I love the size of this sample.

Overall, I really liked the size of the samples for the price. They are all something I’d really enjoy trying (in full-size, even) and this makes me pretty excited! I also love that it came in a sweet, little drawstring bag. This is something I might even consider subscribing to! What do you think?

To subscribe to Beauty Box 5, check them out HERE.

* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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