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Summer is at its peak, and if you’re like me and don’t like to be outdoors because of all the pesky pests (note: I mean insects!), then you’re in luck. Here are some AWESOME insect repellents made by Avon (who also has awesome cosmetics!). I recently went on a really FUN trip to a cabin on the mountains with my husband and son, and these were the PERFECT testing grounds for these insect repellents.

The first two sprays were easy to use. They spray on like hairspray (and kind of smell like it too, but if you’re outdoors, this should evaporate quickly). They smell pleasant enough – a little better than hairspray, actually.

Bug Guard Plus Expedition (Green Spray): The spray is supposed to be unscented, but it has a scent to me. The scent is a little tough to describe – kind of fruity. It is SPF 30 and is very water resistant, which is great for the times you want to jump into the pool or hot tub. It also has Vitamin E which nourishes the skin, so it’s not bad for you, either! Makes your skin feel smooth and silky afterwards.

Bug Guard Plus Picaridin (Silver Spray): This is great for when you go hiking. It has a strong repellency against mosquitos and deer ticks. It also has Vitamin E and smells a lot like a fruit basket. Has a soft feel afterwards and is not sticky, which is excellent.

The next two were MY favorite. They were quite effective, as well, in the cabin, and my husband and I were slathering this on as we sat on the porch overlooking the forest (where we also overheard a bear! Eeks!) enjoying a beer or two (or three. Hey! We were on vacation.)

The Gentle Breeze (white bottle): This has an extremely pleasant scent. Smells a little like a pina colada. I could see mosquitos hovering but not landing on our skin, and this also felt pleasant on the skin. No irritation (although be wary that all skin is not the same) and my skin felt satiny smooth!

Cool ‘N Fabulous Disappearing Color (blue bottle): This was the crowd pleaser. Even us adults were squealing with delight over this. It goes on a sky blue, as shown below, and disappears upon rubbing in. It smells a bit like watermelon (but that’s just my nose!) and so pleasant to the touch afterwards, as well.

The next two are identical to the “hairspray” repellents. They are a little easier to apply since the streamline is thinner. I didn’t actually have an extra spray to attach to these, but the Anti-Itch Spray (which is last) had a similar spray attached, so that’s how I know. These are just more user- and travel- friendly because they are in plastic rather than aluminum (I believe!) containers.

The towelettes come in a “ziploc” bag. Inside are 8 towelettes individually packed in mini versions of the main bag, but without the “ziploc”, but this comes in handy because you can throw them back in there in their individual packs and lock the zip because these wipes are SOAKING wet in insect repellent. I like that about these because most wipes (such as makeup remover wipes are not saturated ENOUGH and that gets on my nerves, and this is really great!) They also smell similar to the spray. If you notice the trend, “Skin-So-Soft”, it makes your skin feel like a baby’s bottom.

The Anti-Itch Spray really got me through the mosquito bites I did manage to get! It smells very medicine-y. A little like menthol, but it really works and really helped!! I would definitely need back-ups of this product even though the scent wasn’t pleasant. It’s a must for anyone who LOVES the wilderness.

Available exclusively through Avon Representatives.
To purchase these, locate an Avon representative by calling 1-800-FOR-AVON, or visit www.avon.com.

* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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