Pretty & Polished Pretties


So, most of you know HOW much I love Pretty & Polished and the owner/founder of Pretty & Polished, Chelsea! She’s SO adorably sweet and makes the BEST polish EVER. I honestly look forward to all her new creations! I was looking through my stash and noticed I’ve got quite the collection of Pretty & Polisheds, so I decided to create an entire post of swatches of these polished pretties!

I’m going to start with Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is one drink I really enjoy. I love getting to the bottom of my glass and finding gummy bear-like tapiocas. They are SO delicious. This polish resembles Bubble Tea in EVERY WAY. It’s got the slight greenish hue with black mini hexes and depth is created by the green jelly making it look JUST LIKE a glass of bubble tea! There’s also a slight silver shimmer throughout. SO pretty! This was 3 coats.

Elvis’ Pink Cadillac is SIMILAR to Bubble Tea in every way except it has large black hexes scattered about. I wanted Elvis’ Pink Cadillac because I’m a HUGE fan of Elvis Presley, and this is just SUCH a Rock & Roll polish. This is layered on its own, and looks quite nice on top of a similar pink, but I decided not to show it because honestly it didn’t look as awesome as it does on its own. This is also the reformulated EPC. Take a look at 3 coats of EPC! Epic.

Daddy’s Girl is a NEW Pretty & Polished, and just seeing it made me want it because isn’t every girl Daddy’s Girl? Yes. This was created for PJ’s Polish for Kids Line, and she decided that she’d make it available in full-size, as well, for grown Daddy’s Girls. Thank God she did because I really wanted this in full-size and I got it. Also, if you shake it really well, the hearts are not impossible at all. LOVE THIS about Daddy’s Girl. PRETTY! This is 3 coats of Daddy’s Girl.

Party On My Yacht is a white-based jelly with pretty sparkly glitters thrown about. If you look closely, there’s also some sparkly teal bars thrown in. Such a gorgeous polish and it reminds me of birthday cake for some reason. YUMMY. This is 3 coats.

Jawbreaker is delicious, as well, and looks EXACTLY like the spherical treat. Splattered with color and red squares, I have to say this is a classic by Pretty & Polished. You have to have this!! Delish! This is 3 coats.

Cheer Camp is every little girl (and big girl’s) dream come TRUE. It’s a pink-tint with lilac and pink hexes and bright pink glitters. Surprisingly the pink-tint doesn’t show up at all, so it’s best to layer over white and/or pink. I personally LOVE it over white. How gorgeous and delicate is that? Just like a popular cheerleader! This is only 2 coats over basic white and Barielle Pink Flip Flops.

Sand Art, like Floam, is a very pretty neon matte glitter mix. I personally LOVE this and following Love For Lacquer’s lead, I also layered it over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, which is THE perfect match. I love this and HATE that I smeared it a bit on the side. Oh, well. Can’t wait to try different combos with this! Lovely. This is two very thin coats over OPI GGG.

Punk’d Up Betty is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE. I love this SO, SO, SO much. I layered it over itself 3 times. It’s beyond gorgeous. For some reason, I always think of Betty White, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the inspiration (and if it is, RIGHT ON!) I love this beauty and am already afraid of completing this bottle. I also LOVE the large satin hex thrown in there. SO random and it fits right in!

Pool Party is eccentric like a pool party in Vegas. In a beautiful blue jelly, there’s a myriad of random glitters and bar glitters floating around. It’s amazingly silly yet cute at the same time. It’s also got silver shimmer throughout. This was 3 coats of Pool Party.

Love these pretties. You can, as always, purchase Pretty & Polished from Pretty & Polished’s Etsy Shop or on Llarowe’s website. I am really coveting Day Trippin’ and the other color-changing polishes she has created! I’ve also seen her new Halloween collection that looks AH-MAZING!!!! Can’t wait to try some of her new pretties.

* All polishes except Elvis’s Pink Cadillac (given for review by Chelsea) and Pool Party (I won in a giveaway from Munchy’s Nails) were purchased by me. *


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