A Rhyming Dictionary Zella, Betsy Bobbin and White Pearl


I love this unique name for Indie nail polish: A Rhyming Dictionary! Can you imagine how utterly fun that would be? These polishes were stunning and I loved trying her beauties. I’m definitely adding a few of these to my wishlist.

Let’s start with White Pearl (I know, I know, out of order, according to the title). White Pearl, as described my A Rhyming Dictionary, herself, “The white pearl provides it’s owner with excellent advice.” This polish has a light blue opaque base filled with quirky and fun glitters. Definitely unique, and provides all people with the white-base glitters a run for their money. It’s quite the trend these days to have light opaque or jelly bases filled with glitters, and this one is definitely one to look out for! Pretty, pretty! 2 – 3 coats shown below!


Betsy Bobbin kind of, sort of reminded me of the watermelon in a nail polish bottle trend. I really LOVE it. Here’s how it was described, and I love how it has a little anecdote attached. I LOVE stories and unique names!!

“Betsy is a year older than Dorothy and from Oklahoma. She and her mule Hank get washed up after a storm where they end up in a place called the Rose Kingdom. The only human is the Royal Gardener; every one else is a face on a rose bush. He says that they are trespassing and will be put to death immediately but just at that instant the Shaggy Man falls through the roof eating an apple.”

This was layered over Barielle Peach Popsicle. Only did 1 coat and it was terrific!! 🙂


Zella was MY favorite of the 3. I love lime greens and matte glitters, and this is a stunner! (It’s ALMOST a dupe to Nail-venturous Humble Bee, even though I don’t have it… YET!) I layered this over Barielle Mint Ice Cream Cone, and it looks delectable! The story on Zella is:

“Zella – The daughter of Nikobob, Zella is wearing the shoes with the pearls inside when she delivers honey to Queen Cor on Coregos, Inga recognizes the shoes, and he offers his new shoes to Zella in exchange for his old ones.”

Such gorgeous beauties and amazing back-stories! You must check her out because I’m a sucker for glitters and these are definitely SUPER fun! 🙂

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