Sodastream: Genesis Model


Yes, so I know we’re going a little out of our comfort zone here by talking about something that may (or may not) have anything to do with beauty. But, I was really excited when Sodastream gave me a Genesis model to review. I love sodas, but drink them in moderation, and what better than to have freshly “brewed” soda whenever the craving strikes? This is absolutely perfect and EASY, too!!

The thing I like about Sodastream is that the possibilities are ENDLESS. It comes with SO many flavors, trial-size and full. There are also flavors to add into water (but without the fizz). I have only tried a few, so far, but the comparison is quite similar to big brands and store brands.

You’re probably wondering what flavors there are! There is the regular and diet colas, root beer, orange, lemon-lime, cream soda, ginger ale, pink grapefruit, and black currant and pear. This is just to name a few! I’ve tried the diet cola, root beer, ginger ale and black currant and pear, and I must say that this is perfect for our household because we make some and then we leave it in the fridge for those times we crave a flavored soda. It works perfectly!

So, let’s talk about how to make soda! It’s really simple and fun! I can see my son enjoying this when he grows up!

First step is to put the carbonator into the Sodastream (as per the manual):

And, then it will look like this:

Now, take the bottle and fill with water and chill (My hubs and I chuckled here because we were, like, “Should we relax now or chill the bottle?”) Haha, jokes aside, we knew it meant the latter:

So, then, you will press the button at the top 3 times. Firmly press the button and quickly release each time. You *WILL* hear a LOUD buzz. It startled us, so if it doesn’t startle you, you don’t have proper fizz.

And, this will result in:


Now, fill up a cap with your choice of soda flavoring up to the line.

Pour into the bottle. Shake gently – best way to do this is to turn it upside down and then continue until color has dispersed throughout. Serve and enjoy!! CHEERS!

To purchase Sodastream, you can check out their website.
If you have a Costco near you, I know that they sell it there, as well, and they also have coupons, so you could grab it at a great deal!

 You can also “LIKE” them on their Facebook page.
Or, follow them on Twitter.

* Product provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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