Layla Hologram Effects Gold Idol, Misty Blush, and Red Taboo

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I’m so thrilled to share these with you today! These were the first Laylas I’ve ever tried, and let me tell you it will not be the last time! These definitely did not disappoint. Unfortunately, when I swatched these, there was very little sunlight, and it’s been that way off and on, but the holographic effect STILL shone through, so you can know for sure that these are definitely something!!

The first one I have for you is Gold Idol. Now this one does shine like one! I took a photo indoors (and I usually always take pictures in the sunlight, but since there was none, and this one showed it’s TRUE colors indoors, I thought, “Why not?”) So here it is. 3 coats of Gold Idol shown below.

Misty Blush was my favorite. This one is a purple with taupe-pink undertones, and quite lovely! Its hologram effect was definitely my favorite of the 3. I mean, WOW. Look at that! This was 3 coats of Misty Blush.

Red Taboo is a stunning red holographic polish. The pinks and blues within shone and looked fabulous. Gorgeous, isn’t it? This is 3 coats of Red Taboo.

Now, all in all, the formula of these hologram effects was superb. They were a little on the thin side, but they still had quite the effect! I would LOVE to try some of the other colors in the hologram effects collection. There are other Laylas I’d love to try. Which ones are your favorite?

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