Glisten & Glow Personalized Body Wash, Lotion, and Rollerball Cuticle Oil


Glisten & Glow is an amazing company where you can get personalized bath and body products. Personalized COMPLETELY to a tee. From name to your choice of scents, even blends of scents! I have an array of favorite scents: rose, jasmine, clean linens, and I can go on and on.

Jill is the owner/creator of Glisten & Glow, and I don’t think I’ve met another bubbly and sweet person! For products and scents, click HERE! Shipping costs may vary! And, she sells A LOT more different products, check them out HERE!!

Let me show you what I got!

The body wash was AMAZING. The Mango Mandarin compares to Bath & Body Works’ Mango Mandarin and makes you feel pampered and like you’re on a vacation in the Tropics. I love the fact that the body wash doesn’t rush out into a puddle. Instead, it comes out in a thin stream, and you only really need a quarter size, which means it will last a good amount of time. I also love the fact that it says Taneja’s Bride! How cool is that?

I always toss a lotion bottle into my purse/diaper bag (since that’s replaced my purse these days!) and this baby is just perfect! It’s 2 oz, and smells DIVINE (I love how laundry smells when freshly done!) and it is definitely not greasy at all, and my hands drink it up thirstily! If you are in the market for a personalized lotion, Glisten & Glow is the way to go! (Didn’t mean to rhyme, but how do you like that?)

Being a cosmetics/nail polish blogger, my hands are always on show. Especially my cuticles! This rollerball cuticle oil features MY favorite scent in the world – jasmine. Reminds me of the gorgeous, fragrant nights on my visit to India. Delicious! I will definitely be purchasing a back-up and another of the scent Sangria White Peach (sounds delicious, doesn’t it? It’s also one of Glisten & Glow’s BEST SELLING scent! YUM.)

I have 2 more products to share from Glisten & Glow, but I am going to dedicate them their own post because they deserve it!

Meanwhile, put on your shopping shoes (or you really don’t have to since you can do it from the comfort of your own home/office/cafe) by clicking HERE! And, if you haven’t already “LIKE” her Glisten & Glow Facebook Page!

* Products sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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