Butter London Trout Pout and Snog


These juicy shades by Butter London are just amazing. I love them so much!

Trout Pout (according to the Urban Dictionary means a woman with lips injected with collagen, but just a little too inflated, like a fish) is a salmon/coral/pink that just doesn’t photograph as brightly as it is in real life. The formulas definitely amazed me! They were neither too thick nor thin. Just perfect and the application was just flawless. Look at how spectacular it looks! This was 2 coats.

Snog (which reminds me of Harry Potter because it’s British slang for making out/smooching/kissing) is a bright berry pink that looks just delicious! It also photographed a little oddly than real life. It also applied smoothly and looked pleasant against my skintone. This was also 2 coats.

These come with their own matching lippys. I love this because I have always been one to match my nails to my lipstick. There are other shades that have their own coordinating lippys, but this is what I have for you today. They are extremely thick and sticky, but they smell ever-so-GOOD. I was actually more infatuated with the scent than the shade itself. I swatched them on my arm for a better visual.

* Product samples were provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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