KQC Turbo Touraline Ceramic Flat Iron, Thermal Shine, and FIE Iron Holder

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I’m a big fan of straight hair. What’s funny is that since I was little (and I had straight hair), I always wished for curly hair. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well, as I grew older, my hair also grew wavier and curlier. And, then ta-da! I woke up one day with no time to dry my hair, and I saw large curls appear in my hair. I was ecstatic, and I started to wear my hair like this EVERY DAY.

I saw stick straight hair on some of the high school girls (I was in high school, at this point) and grew Stick Straight Hair Envy. And, then, I tried all sorts of hot tools on my hair to get that kind of hair, and well, to no avail. I tried so hard to figure it out, but nothing, until one day, I saw one of my roommates in college using a hot tool and her hair became stick straight, and her hair was initially like mine. I got SO excited and saved up my next paycheck for that expensive hot tool, and that hot tool has been my best friend until I met this one!

As soon as I was ready to use a hairdryer on my locks, I sprayed a thin layer of Thermal Shine Spray, and what won me over was that there was no chemical scent whatsoever. In fact, the Thermal Shine smelled like a fragrant men’s cologne. The good news was that it was also not overpowering. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and what’s thrilling about the Thermal Shine is that there is no greasy hairspray-like feeling leftover, and your hair will not crackle when you use the flat iron, like it would with any other styling sprays. It also made my hair shine, and it looked a lot more polished and beautiful.

The KQC Turbo Touraline Ceramic Flat Iron is a FABULOUS hot tool that got me straight hair in less time than my preferred hot tool, which is because of it being of turbo speed. It heated up in less time, as well. I turned it on, and touched it to my hair and it was already ready to go. If you see my before and after, you can see what a great job it did. The flat iron is 1”, which is great because a good amount of hair goes in between the iron, and makes it quicker. I believe it would be easy for thicker haired people, as well. My hair is neither thin nor thick.

The FIE Iron Holder is something I’ve been meaning to purchase for a long time. I’ve always left my hot tools on my nightstand during/after straightening my hair. This can damage wood and even bathroom vanities, and this tool really helps and can fit most hair straighteners. The Iron Holder also has suction cups on the bottom to avoid it from falling off surfaces and is quite secure. This feature was definitely awesome. I will no longer carelessly place it on surfaces.


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* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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