Starlight Polish – Duochromes Galore!!


If you’re into duochromes and adding a frosty touch to any nail polish, you should look into Starlight Polish who is an expert at this!

Blaze Crystal, a copper metallic foil infused with holographic shimmer. In the sunlight, the force of the polish was amazing. The formula was just buttery and rich, and it only needed 3 coats to look perfect.

Splash Dream is a clear polish with pink to blue duochrome. It was a dream to apply, and I only applied 2 coats to achieve this look.

Ever Blue is a clear polish with a blue to pink duochrome. The formula also was silken and applied like butter, and I used 2 coats here, as well.

Star Jewel is a clear polish with a green to blue duochrome. No problems with this formula, as well, and also 2 coats here.

So, what I did was apply 2 coats of Nerds scented polish because I thought it would be fun to see how the duochrome would add dimension. What I noticed was that it made the Nerds scented polish look more like a metallic foil.


Nerd Scented Nail Polish (ALONE)


Splash Dream, Ever Blue, and Star Jewel (L-R over Nerds Scented Nail Polish)

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* Product samples were provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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