Megan Miller Collection Roja + Giada Pink


Megan Miller Collection is a brand that was just brought to my attention recently, and I’m so glad! These ADORABLE bottles with little cork-top brushes are just so unique and fun to add to any polish collection! I loved the cork-top brushes because it was an absolutely comfortable manicure from start to finish. And, fancy, may I add! (I apologize for my picture making the two bottles look like 2 different sizes – it’s the angle!!)

Roja means red in Spanish, and this red is divine. It had great coverage but even after 2 coats I could still see VNL, so it sort of had a crellie finish, which I adore. I’m sure you could top it off with another coat, if you really don’t like VNL (visible nail lines). It’s definitely gotta be the perfect red!!

Giada Pink was named after Giada from The Food Network, and if you don’t know who Giada is, you’re missing out! She’s a stunning Italian chef that just glows on television, and I love just watching her and her exuberance on TV. She wears this pink quite often on the show. It’s a sheer pink that is perfect for any and every occasion!

These beauties can be found on their website: where you can find other colors other than the two shown above! I’m really wanting to try Caribbean, Coral Bliss and Lemon Ice!! SO GORGEOUS!

*Product samples were provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own.*



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