Nail Potions Coda + Eclipsed


More Indies!!!! Yay! So, here we have here today is Nail Potions, and we’ve got Coda and Eclipsed for you today! They were super beautiful and surpassed all my expectations in a great way! I definitely love these – they are SO unique and lovely!!

I’m going to start with Coda, which is a dark chocolate brown cream (that has such a chocolate vinyl-like finish and have never seen anything like it! LOVE!!) with red and white hexes of different sizes. I loved how it was described: “Super Shine! This polish reminds me of those shiny black patent leather shoes, only prettier by a long shot! So shiny it is almost a flaw!” and honestly, it really did shine even without a topcoat. Beautiful! The formula was a bit thick, and the drytime was long, as well, so I had balding the first time I applied it, but I waited patiently in between coats, and then it was a much better application! (As you can see above!!)

Beautiful! I’m currently addicted to rainbow-y glitters, and whenever I see them, I jump at the chance to get them. I don’t know why, but could be the Rainbow Brite kid in me (’80s child over HERE) and this was super beautiful!! Rainbow glitters and HOLO! I did this on a bare nail, and it still was stunning, and I can’t tell you HOW lovely it looked in the sunshine! YOU need it! Yes, YOU! And, this is how it was described: “Well hello rainbow-y goodness! This polish is my tribute to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon.
A layering polish, it will look amazing over just about any combination of colors. It contains Black squares, black bars, and a glitter for each of the main colors of the rainbow in small hexes. This polish also has a dash of spectraflair for extra visual stimulation, the scattered prism of light and color – just the way Pink Floyd would like it, I think!” And, the formula was flawless, had no trouble at all applying this, and the glitter was just perfect! Can’t wait to try this on an array of colors!! 🙂

So, now you’re asking, “Um, where do I get this!?”.

This is available on Etsy:
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*Product samples were provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own.*


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