Bloom Ambassador July Box (Part 1 of 3)

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I have split the Bloom Ambassador July Box into 3 parts because it would make for an extremely long blog post, and I wanted to split it up, so that you could take the time to enjoy the read instead of having to continue scrolling and scrolling. The first part is all about the hair treatment and hair styling products that I used and loved dearly. I don’t think I can try anything else after these considering they really made my hair and scalp feel loved. (Part 2 will contain some nail polish products and a face peel, so you’ll want to stick around to read about that!)

I’m going to go right into my final look using these 3 products: Sundari Neem and Coconut Oil Treatment, T’eez Build Me Volume Spray and T’eez Bounce Me Styling Cream.

(And, yes, you saw this photo on another blog post: Youngblood Plumberry Crushed Mineral Blush and Sienna Incredible Wear Gel Liner because of the makeup look in this photo)

To achieve this look, I used the Sundari Neem and Coconut Oil Hair Treatment packets and used a tablespoon (the entire contents that came out fo the sample packet) and massaged it into my scalp and spread it through my hair, but taking extra care to massage my scalp. I tied up my hair and (you could put an old shower cap on, if you choose to) let it sit for 30 minutes in my hair. Then, to wash it out, I used my normal shampoo/conditioner routine, and it comes right out leaving only shine, healthiness and cleanliness, which I was thankful for. Usually oils leave my hair flat and lifeless, but this didn’t. Next, while my hair was damp, I put the T’eez Bounce Me Styling Cream from the shafts of my hair down, and then scrunched up my hair (I do that, even though, I have curly hair just to preserve the curls with whatever styling products I am using, and half the time, with hair gels, this does not work, but I was happy to see that this not only did not make my hair dry, lifeless after some time, but it even looked good the next day! I finished off the scrunching with T’eez Build Me Volume Spray, which had a non-chemical scent and did not create dryness in my hair and/or scalp, as well. I was definitely happy with the overall feeling of using these products for hair treatment. I’ve always been about: If my hair looks good, I feel good! 🙂

Now for a detailed review on the products:

I’m not big on hair sprays, but T’eez Build Me Volume Spray was refreshing because it was not sticky and stinky! It had a pleasant smell, one that wasn’t too chemical. It kept my curls in tact, and for that, I was thankful because I haven’t come across a hair spray that stays true to its words!

Loved the T’eez Bounce Me Styling Cream because… First off, it’s a cream not a gel! I didn’t feel my scalp drying up from using this styling cream, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of curls it helped me create (even though my hair is extremely curly naturally) and preserve. I definitely will use this instead of hair gels because I don’t take kindly for the flakes gels create and this one didn’t create anything of the sort, and it even looked great the next day!

I was thrilled to try Sundari (Neem and Coconut Hair Treatment), which in Sanskrit means, “Beautiful One”, and was excited for it to make me feel that. Neem is an evergreen plant that is used in cooking and all sorts of Indian things, so I knew that I would be able to trust it, being natural and all, in my hair. Coconut is already known for its amazing qualities inside the body and outside, so combined, I was looking forward to its calming and cleansing effects. It proved to work just as well as it sounded. I massaged it into my scalp and the rest of my hair, tied it up, and kept it in for 30 minutes. When washing it out, I noticed that my hair felt soft and silken. Not only that, the scent was herbaceous and natural. The aftermath is what sold me: my scalp felt healthy, no longer itchy from dryness and just clean! If you haven’t tried this, give this a try today!

To check out these products, you can create an account on and you can find these and more!!

* These products were provided to me as part of the Bloom Ambassador program. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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