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I had the opportunity to try a few beauties by Wing Dust Collections, and I must say that I have found quite a few gems on Etsy and I can’t wait to share this one with you all! Most are 3 coats unless otherwise mentioned.

Black Black is a beautiful pink shimmer with silver/white squares, black hexes, and silver rounded glitter. It’s quite pretty, and it translates on the nails, thank goodness! Wind Dust Collections’ glitters are not hard to apply onto the nail, which is definitely important in the Indie world and for all nail polish lovers, so she definitely does not disappoint!

Boogie Wonderland is a glitterbomb of pinks and blues and has a few gold hexes and squares. I was able to capture them onto the nail, and I was also pretty excited to find out this was an opaque glitterbomb! So pretty! Sparkles in the sun!

Under the Sea is especially lovely and makes me want to burst out into the Little Mermaid’s song. It is filled with a variety of blue, white and black glitters and other varieties, as well. It’s a layering glitter, but I painted it on a naked nail, and it is quite lovely! I would love to try this on a silver or gold.

Easter Egg Hunt is so properly named! It reminds me of marshmallow Peeps, green artificial grass pieces in baskets and, of course, Easter eggs. So pretty! It’s a white/mint shimmer with grass green bar glitters and various Easter-colored hexes.

Fly Me to the Moon is another opaque glitterbomb filled with different glitters. It reminds me of a sparkly moon rock, and I’m assuming that’s why it’s named the name it has!

Grape Crush is a lavender shimmer/glitters with baby blue various glitters. It definitely is gorgeous! And, reminds me of a picnic, for some odd reason.

Jazzberry Pie is a softer lavender shimmer/glitters with a darker blue glitters of different varieties. It kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka, but that was snozzberries, so I’m not sure, but I like it!

So, there we have it, Wing Dust Collections! They are definitely gorgeous and the glitters are just so easy to grab that it makes it a winner in my book! What are some of your  must haves from these?

You can find Wing Dust Collections on Etsy:
Facebook Page for swatches, reviews, sneak peeks, etc!:

I *DO* know that she is supposed to be opening again on July 27th! But, go follow her to find out the deets! 🙂

* These were provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


  1. gorgeous! I love the second one!

  2. I am a little disappointed with the amount of glitter that is in three layers of Black Black, but other than that I am impressed with the collection. If I had money to spend on polish right now I would buy Fly Me To The Moon, and Boogie Wonderland. But gotta pay my silly taxes before they garish my check. 🙁

    • That could be user error on my part. I shook most of them really well between layers, but the glitters did appear to stick together! Otherwise, the formulas are amazing and buttery smooth. I really had no complaints with the glitters because I saw the glitters that I expected to. Usually, I have trouble bringing out glitters (in other polish brands) and this one didn’t give me too much trouble at all! 🙂 Yeah, Fly Me to the Moon and Boogie Wonderland are pretty special in that they are opaque! Very lovely in the sunlight, for sure! Hope you get yours soon! 🙂

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