Feenix Polish White Tie Affair (Silver) and White Tie Affair (Gold)


I fell in love with Feenix Polishes and I decided to ask Suzette (who is adorably sweet!) for a custom polish. So, my vision was to make Black Tie Affair all white with the holographic sparkle, and she did it! She made two beautiful creations, and I was so excited to purchase them! So, I have the bottle shots, and then swatches of them, since they are new creations, and she will have them up soon. I had to help her out! I know I’m not the only one who is in LOVE.

They went on smoothly, and they can pretty much be opaque, as you can see! I layered it over Zoya Sam. (This is just one coat of each) I have labeled for you the silver and the gold. I personally am madly in love with the gold one, and am really glad that Suzette suggested one like that! So fancy!

Gorgeous, aren’t they?? Which one is YOUR favorite?

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