Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects in Strike a Posie


Sally Hansen just released Pedicure Salon Effects awhile back, and they are just as awesome as the Salon Effects for your fingernails. I decided to each one in a separate post because I wanted to properly test each of them out. I am in *LOVE* because these are made of real nail polish and they are extremely easy to apply. I had purchased a few Salon Effects for my fingernails before my baby shower to match them with my dress and outfit, but I had a tough time, and I realized it was purely user error. I don’t usually show my tootsies, but here goes nothing! (I have been wearing these for 8 days now and there is no sign of wear! These are extremely terrific!!)

So, they are really easy to apply and come with instructions that are very easy to follow. They also come with a nail file and a cuticle stick to provide everything you need to make it a great experience. This time I followed the directions carefully and it was a gorgeous result! Strike a Posie is a silver metallic foil with pink and blue flowers, and it is adorable. Here’s a close-up of the design.

What do you think of the Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects? Is this a look you are excited to try?

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