Zoya Designer NYFW 2012


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Here is something we’ve (all the nail polish LOVERS, that is) been waiting for!! The NYFW collection is set to come out SOON! I am fortunate to share these with you, so you can see all the delicious colors. I am going to start off with the cream collection. I used 2 coats, unless otherwise mentioned!

First off, we have Rekha, and you can imagine the huge smile on my face. Rekha is an Indian name and also the name of an evergreen Indian actress, and I’m assuming that Bibhu Mohapatra (whom this was originally made for) had this in mind as the 3 Zoyas in his collection are 3 HUGE Bollywood stars from the ’70s to present. Rekha is a blood red cream and it is surely a gorgeous red! I looked at it next to America and Maura, and this is more of a vampy red – perfect for the Fall season! Also, it only needed 1 coat! That’s what’s shown below:

Toni is a dark maroon red cream. I’ve been craving a maroon, and this was more than perfect.

Monica is a dark mulberry purple cream, and she’s quite sassy, if I say so myself. I definitely see myself wearing this on moody Autumn days!

Natty is MY favorite of the creams because she is a smoked navy blue cream. Totally chic and definitely flirty! 2 coats were needed for Natty.

Evvie was originally made for the Peter Som Collection, and I’m so glad that Zoya decided to release some of the HOT shades that were used for NYFW are re-released because they SOLD OUT fast! So, I was thankful that they are going to be available in these collections this Fall! Evvie is an evergreen green cream and totally reminds me of evergreen trees and more so, Christmas trees! 2 coats are shown below:

Noot is a charcoal green gray cream, and definitely a unique color. It is definitely an interesting color, and I’m sure it will grow on me! 2 coats were shown below:

I have to say that Zoya knocks it out of the park EVERY season because they come up with colors that are totally IN and chic. So, bravo to Zoya! These colors are lovely! But, we’re not done! Wait ’til you see the REST of the collection!!

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* These were product samples provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. I was not compensated for this review. *


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