365 Days of Colors Dangerously Beautiful + Killer Kiss


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As you all know, I’m a fan of neons, jelly and glitter. Now, how about if you can get those ALL together?! Well, you can on Sunday, July 15th sometime in the afternoon (You will have to follow her on her Facebook Page to find out EXACTLY WHEN! ;)) when Sunny reopens her AWESOME store! I have a running list of a few things I’m going to grab! And, I’m sure you all will want to grab these lovelies!!

First we have Dangerously Beautiful, a delicious hot pink jelly with black and blue hex glitters. Oh.My.Goodness, do I love this! I had a very hard time with the glitters, and I kept shaking it and most of the glitters wanted to hang out together, so I’m going to have to store it upside down to see if it does the trick. But, I still am a HUGE fan of this neon jelly WITH glitter!! Ahhh, check it out! Isn’t it lovely!? This is 3 coats.

The next one, Killer Kiss, was a dream come true for me. I *LOVE* peach this summer, and a peach neon jelly with glitter. Darn, she got ALL my favorites in this nail polish. This peach neon jelly has white diamonds, hexes, and bars (that don’t curl, for your information!) and it’s fab. This color doesn’t photograph well, but in person, it’s just magnificent. So, you’ll definitely want to add this to your wishlist. The glitters for Killer Kiss were manageable. They came out effortlessly. Below is 2 coats.

So, just like all of you all, I will be stalking Sunny’s Facebook page to purchase a few goodies. I have quite a few things on my wishlist. So, again, to check out swatches, reviews, sneak peeks, you can go to her Facebook Page.

For her blog, which I absolutely stalk because I love all the awesome nail art she does and she does something different everyday, hence the name 365 Days of Color, you can check her blog out HERE.

* These samples were provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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