How-To: Open a Stuck Bottle of Nail Polish

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Hello, and let’s deviate for a second away from swatches and reviews of cosmetics and nail polishes! Never fear, we shall resume tomorrow!

So, this story begins before I even became a mother. In fact, it was even before I found out I was going to be a mother. One day before, actually. I was on the rampage to find DS Opulence, and I was about to go nuts if I didn’t find it. Of course, at that point of time, they were pretty rare, already. This was last year – January 30, 2011. Anyways, I seriously went through the OPI shelf, and looked behind dozens of bottles, and lo and behold, the gorgeous Opulence was hidden behind OPI Japanese Rose. God, I hate when people don’t put things back where they belong. Don’t you?

I scooped it up, and smiled ear to ear, and then whispered to my husband, “Maybe I should’ve wished for something else!” Of course, meaning a child, but little did I know, God had already granted me that wish, and had given me this bonus wish. I also bought OPI Not Like the Movies from the then-new OPI Katy Perry line, and went on with my day. The next morning, I found out I was going to be a mother, and this jewel of a nail polish will always remind me of that feeling.

A week before my son was due to be born, I painted my nails and struggled painting my toes with DS Opulence, and the holographic, diamond-dust nail polish just glowed on my ever-growing pregnant nails. It was thrilling. My water broke about 4 days before I was due on my husband’s birthday, and that was just the best moment ever. My boys would share a birthday. I got so many compliments on my nails while I was in labor, and I would go nuts because I was in lots and lots of pain until the magical epidural.

Let’s get back to the topic, afterwards, I wanted to wear it on my son’s milestones, but the bottle would not flipping open, and I went crazy trying to get people to open it. I even thought about taking it to Ulta, but there are barely any DS’s left, and I wasn’t about to swap this baby. I didn’t want to let go of this nail polish that held so many memories, so I tried and tried to figure out what to do. I even tried to add nail polish remover under the lid, but it didn’t do anything because there just wasn’t any dried up nail polish under there. I have iron hands, as I later found out. I even tighten my son’s bottles super tight that no one is able to open them, so I am starting to lighten up on my tightening.

I finally decided to run hot water on the bottle and then tied a rubber band to form a grip (as someone suggested in a forum that I found when I googled it!) and it was genius! It opened like a brand new bottle of nail polish. Love. I am so glad I got it to open. Phew.

Ever had anything happen to you like this where you were desperate for something that may be considered “Not So Important” to someone else?

Here’s a quick review/swatch of DS Opulence. It’s a taupe with a lot of pink and silver shimmer. It’s definitely holographic and fabulous! It’s so so lovely! It looks lovely on the nails! Check it out:

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