Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

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Pure Ice has amazing AND affordable polishes, so this was no exception! I was so excited to try this because the shatter changes the color of the white base color (that comes in the set). I tried Rock Star (Blue): 

And, Emcee Me:

The formulas of the white base colors are super amazing. Usually white nail polishes are streaky and require a 2nd or 3rd coat to even out. The shatters of both have the same formula and aren’t rather hard to work with as some shatters are. It has a smooth formula and dries fast, but the shatter appears later instead of sooner.

I was a little disappointed with the end results because I thought the white would become vibrant, but instead the color was subtle. But, the files are pretty darn cute, as they are shaped like vinyl records! They are the color of what your results should look like.

Here are the results of Rock Star:

And, of Emcee Me:

The possibilities are endless. You can layer 2 (or more) different shatters (which is how the colors change. It has nothing to do with the white bases!) and create an ombre look on each nail with just shatters. Pretty cool! If you’re wondering where to get these, I have spotted them at my local Walmart!

* Product samples were provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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