Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color – Golden Conduct, Polar Purple, and Graphite Gravity


I have been waiting to try Magnetics, and I finally tried 3 ALL AT ONCE! I was pleasantly surprised with my experience, and I absolutely love them!

Sally Hansen made a new line of Magnetics with removable magnets on the lid. Here’s what I mean. And, they are fairly easy to use. All of them created the same pattern – wavy lines, which was sort of a disappointment. I was hoping for magnets with different patterns, so you could purchase a handful and interchange magnets. I tried 3 colors: Polar Purple, Golden Conduct, and Graphite Gravity.

First one I tried was a disaster. I couldn’t figure out how to position the magnet, and I got nail polish right on the magnet. The good news is that you only need 1 coat of Golden Conduct and then you put the tab by your cuticles and hold it steady for a few seconds (yes, that’s all it takes), and VOILA! You have chic nail art.

So, to explain it properly, here are the steps to a magnetic manicure:

  1. Use  a base coat to avoid staining and to provide nutrition to your naked nails.
  2. Once base coat is dry, apply a coat of polish you desire.
  3. Pull  off magnet (or better yet, have it ready!) and place the rest tab on your cuticle or tip of your nail and hold it so it doesn’t touch the wet polish, and wait for results (I actually watched and was mesmerized by the design that magically appeared!)
  4. Allow it to dry and top off with a good top coat. I recommend Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat for the chicest nails.

Polar Purple was beautiful, and I loved how it looked with or without use of the magnet. This was sheer, so 2 coats make it opaque enough for a good design. It was a frosty violet (one that I do not have!) and with the magnet, it looked like this:

The charcoal one, Graphite Gravity, was my favorite! One coat was sufficient for this one, which was great, and the magnetic effect was super!

All in all, I really had a great first-time experience with Magnetics, and I must say I will be wearing these when I want some quick nail art and some chic nails. I really loved the fact that the lid comes off or you can leave it on, and rest it up against your cuticle, and have a magnetic effect within seconds. I’m not sure if these are dupes, but I’ve seen magnetic nail polish floating around for quite some time now, and had yet to try them, so I don’t know how to compare brands, but I really like Sally Hansen’s quality and it’s also quite affordable! Also, love the way they did the names: polar, gravity, conduct. Cute!

* Product samples were provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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