Enkelini Nail Polish – Holographic, Duochrome, and Glitters, OH MY!


Warning: Picture Heavy!

Holographic, duochromes and glitters – oh, my! They are all the rage, and this Indie creator is so talented at making handmade nail polishes that shine!

Let’s start with Emerald Mine. This is a top coat full of green and gold sheen. I topped it (2 coats) on a coat of black, and it turned the black nail polish into a shimmery emerald-into-gold and gold-into-emerald. Beautiful and wonderful formula, may I add! I am going to try it on different colors to see what creations I can possibly make!

Next, we have Doynk, a gold duochrome glitter. It’s sparkly and flashy! Stunning! I have no glitter like this one. I layered it over itself 3 times to see what I could get, but I learned quickly that it needs to be topped over a base color. The glitters come out quite easily and smoothly. The finish was not gritty at all, but if it does become gritty, there’s nothing a top coat couldn’t fix.

Shampayne was unbelievable. I had a tough time photographing the amazing holographic power of this nail polish. It had shine like a diamond! I was in love. I’ve been wanting a nude holographic nail polish, and this was perfect! Going to be one of my go-to holographic polishes! Effortless application, silky smooth formula, and 4 thin coats built it up to a gorgeous manicure!

Midnights Rainbow was MY favorite of the 4. A stunning black holographic nail polish that had a gorgeous rainbow holographic finish. Its name suits it well, and it is a stunner in the sunshine. I had a very hard time photographing the true holographic effect with this one, as well, but trust me, it was phenomenal. It was a little thick (as a lot of black nail polishes I’ve come across are, but a little patience goes a long way, and if you put on thin coats, you will only need a full 3 coats for this baby!)

Enkelini is one of my favorites when it comes to holographic nail polishes. They are also quite affordable at $7 for a full-size bottle! Check out Enkelini Nail Polish HERE, and get your bling on! Her Facebook page has a lot of swatches, as well! https://www.facebook.com/EnkeliniNailPolish

* Product samples were provided to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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