LCN Spice Up Your Life and Fanappleistic


Summer means bright colors, and these LCN are highly pigmented, as well as bright! PERFECT for the summertime! Part of their “Colour Me Up” Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 includes electrifying purple, coral red, vibrant orange and vitalizing green.

Spice Up Your Life with this juicy, bright orange! Delicious! It was so highly pigmented that it only needed 1 coat, but I went ahead and added a second. The brush was perfect and it applied effortlessly. The only complaint I had was it stained my cuticles and even a bit of my nails (even with the use of a base coat), but after washing it a number of times and showering, it finally came off. Next time, I’m going to have to use a few layers of base coat before I use this one.

This bright lime green called Fanappleistic reminded me of a beautiful, shiny Granny Smith apple. Thirst-quenching! This was also highly pigmented (but did not stain like Spice Up Your Life) and only needed 1 coat. Shown here is 2 coats:

I really enjoyed applying these polishes because they were thick to the point where they were buttery, and because of the pigmentation, I didn’t have to apply as many coats, which is always awesome especially if you’re on the go and want beautiful nails.

* These products were sent to me by Blue Sky Communications. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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