Guest Blogger: Jilltastic Nail Design


Today, we have Jill from Jilltastic Nail Design!  I received my first blog award from this awesome blogger!! Welcome, Jill!!

Q: How did you get started in beauty blogging?

A: I started a FB page to give my family a break from my nail pics.


Q: What has been your MOST favorite thing to review? Least favorite?

A: Rare items that have not been review a hundred times. Least would be something everyone has already reviewed.


Q: Tell us something about yourself that no one knows!

A: I am incredibly messy and clumsy.


Q: What’s your favorite movie? If you could use something from your favorite movie to name a polish what would it be?

A: Fav move is Fifth Element. Elemental Diva (opera singer in the movie)


Q: What is your favorite color? Do you see yourself hoarding that nail color a lot?

A: Red. I don’t wear red on my nails.. too conventional.


Q: What is your least favorite color? Do you still wear it on your nails?

A: Yellow. Not alone.


Q: What is one cosmetic you cannot live without besides nail polish?

A: Carmex. I don’t wear makeup.


Q: If you could name a nail polish ANYTHING in the world… what would it be? Why?

A: Sebastian Sparkles. That’s my sons name and there are already hundreds of polish with my daughter’s name in them (Ruby).


Q: How many nail polishes do you have in your collection?

A: 300+


Q: Which nail polish is your all-time FAVORITE and please share a swatch of it!

A: Current Favorite is Kimber from Zoya.

Thank you for joining us today, Jill! Make sure you check her blog out: Jilltastic Nail Design!

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