Introducing Taneja’s Trinkets!


When I grew up, I used to always gaze at the gorgeous and sometimes nutty-looking pieces of jewelry in vending machines outside of restaurants and grocery stores. Never did I think I would decide to design my own. I’ve always stalked Etsy and been inspired by the amazing and stunning pieces carried, and I thought to myself, “Why don’t I start this up for myself and others who enjoy unique and custom HANDMADE jewelry?” I’ve always been into art and have always stocked up on fabulous paints of different finishes: shimmers, gloss, metallics, and mattes, and I did the same for my nail polishes, and always had enough blank canvases – just not always the right inspiration or the right muse. Now, I have both! My husband saw that I enjoy painting – not just my nails – and after seeing the different “WISH LISTS” I have all over the place (especially Etsy), he said, “Why don’t you do this FOR REAL!?” And, I listened! His favorites were the neons and my favorites were the romantic pastels. So, go take a look and let me know which ones you like and I’d love to hear some requests and ideas!

Click here to go shopping or just window shop (if that’s what you’re into! ;) ) Taneja’s Trinkets Etsy Store!

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