Guest Blogger: Beyond Beauty Lounge


Today, we have Mercedes from Beyond Beauty Lounge. I’ve loved her blog long before I started my own, and I’m so humbled to have her guest blog for me today! Welcome, Mercedes!! 🙂

Q: How did you get started in beauty blogging?

A: I have always been obsessed with all things beauty. I have known the blogger behind love for lacquer for about a year and started following her blog. It looked like so much fun, so I started one.

Q: What has been your MOST favorite thing to review? Least favorite?

A: Surprisingly nail polish. I used to be pretty boring when it came to nail polish, I stayed with basic pinks and beige’s.  Now I get excited at how quick and easy it is to change my look or mood by just changing my polish. I don’t have a least favorite thing to review.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that no one knows!

A: Most people don’t know that I have a background in cosmetology. I don’t work in that field now. I received my cosmetology license in NY 14 years ago.

Q: What’s your favorite movie? If you could use something from your favorite movie to name a polish what would it be?

A: My favorite movie is the Notebook. I can watch it over and over and watch it every time it comes on TV, I never get tired of it. If I could name a polish based on this movie I would call it, Everlasting Love.

Q: What is your favorite color? Do you see yourself hoarding that nail color a lot?

A: Green. Funny thing is although I used to wear a lot of boring nail colors I would always but greens. I was afraid to wear them before, but not anymore. The only greens I don’t really like for polish are the really bright neons.

Q: What is your least favorite color? Do you still wear it on your nails?

A: Red. I will wear it on my nails if I find the right shade.

Q: What is one cosmetic you cannot live without besides nail polish? Mascara.

A: If you could name a nail polish ANYTHING in the world… what would it be? Why? Plop, because I say it all time.

Q: How many nail polishes do you have in your collection?

A: Last time I counted 244, I know it’s way more now since that count was well over a month ago and three have been so many good sales lately I have been buying like crazy.

Q: Which nail polish is your all-time FAVORITE and please share a swatch of it!

A: Zoya’s Petra is my favorite. For me it is a just a classic color that works well with many skin tones. Petra is a muted purple with a gray undertone. It mixes well with many other colors. Pairing her with Zoya’s Pippa in a combination I really like. Whenever I cannot decide on a color to paint my nails I always go to Petra, she is my backup.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Beyond Beauty Lounge! Check her out on her Blog!! 🙂

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