China Glaze Argo


This forest green beauty takes me back to my junior high years – my otherwise awkward years where I sported the NOW fashionable fringe – it was NOT SO attractive then, and I think I did it because it made me feel hidden and covered up my eyebrows, which I was so conscious about. I had a nail polish almost exactly like this one – I do not remember the brand for the life of me, but it was my dearest polish. I know I wore it more than any color and pretty much polished it off – pun intended. This color was made for the Hunger Games Collection and I’m assuming it embodies Rue from the Agriculture district. That’s all I’m going to say because I do not want to spoil the book/movie for ANYBODY. I love this color so much, and I’m glad I picked it up. I think I have most of the Hunger Games Collection – and can you believe I didn’t like the press release pictures? I had told myself, “Phew! At least I don’t like any of those…” and I still fell in love with MOST of them. The formula on Argo was amazing – absolutely buttery and pretty much bottle color by first coat. I did 2 coats just to cover the sides because the brush didn’t get to each and every bit of my nail. It was so lovely and nostalgic at the same time as I remembered my junior high years.


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