Revlon Royal.


Thanks to Thea from Munchy’s Nails, I went out and bought Revlon Royal from CVS, and guess what? It was the VERY LAST one, and I felt UBER special! I am now obsessed with jellies thanks to the LIMITED EDITION (and also, ALMOST SOLD OUT! Was I loud enough? Is *this* even on? [referring to my imaginary microphone!]) Zoya Blogger Trio by Birchbox, I have been on a MISSION to buy all the jellies I can, and I have been successful, might I add. 😉

Revlon Royal is a gorgeous cobalt blue jelly, and it’s fabulous because in one coat, you have the PERFECT jelly look, but if you hate having a VNL [Visible Nail Line – if you don’t speak Nail Lingo], then you can add another coat. The formula is really good on this Revlon (like most Revlons I have come into contact with) and isn’t runny nor thick, so it glides on wonderfully onto the nail. The formula also dries pretty fast and the only thing I was disappointed about was the fact that it didn’t look as squishy as the Zoya Blogger Trio. Boo. But, I’ll live. It’s probably a color thing. This was such a rich color that it was hard for it to look squishy and jelly-like. But, it sure is a beauty.

Will you be going on a HUNT for this Royal?

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