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My husband and I watch Shark Tank, a show about businesses and people with ideas that come in front of investors to ask for an investment and a certain percentage of equity in their company. We are absolutely addicted to this show. I love it because my degree is in Business Administration/Marketing, so it really strikes a chord with me, and I love seeing passionate people present their brilliant ideas. An episode aired on April 27th that got me really excited. Of course, we all know how excited I get about nail polish, and I was super thrilled to see Barbara Lampugnale (mother of 6 GIRLS! She got the idea from their weekly Nail Nights! Cute!)  present her business of Duality Cosmetics – NailPak. I loved her idea and felt that it was definitely something that would help women around the world, especially those who cover their coffee tables, dining tables, night stands and EVERYTHING else with nail polish, polish remover, cotton balls, files, cuticle oil, buffers, and anything else!

The nail polish is chunkier than most and is .6 fl. oz. I tried Ellen – a subtle blue-tone pistachio green, which is a color I really, really like! The first coat went on streaky, and each coat seemed to give it a perfect finish. I used 3 coats, and it was manageable, even though it was streaky. Since the bottle is clunky, the brush was a regular-sized nail polish brush, so it took the usual 2 swipes to coat the nail.

The polish sits upon a pedestal, so you can either paint with the pedestal on or you can remove it to show a circular file. The circular file was pretty cute – it was polka-dotted, my favorite! There’s a tiny tab on the file (file acts as a lid for the remover pads – CLEVER!), and if you lift it, you will find nail polish remover pads. Now, this is good news for someone that hates cotton balls, like me. But, it was really difficult to remove glitter polish on my nails, but one pad did remove 2 painted nails (with glitter). I later tried it on nails that had creme finishes, and one pad swiped them ALL clean. A nice thing about these pads is they do not smell strongly. In fact, they are perfumed and have NO chemical scents!

The cute polka-dotted file!

Reveals thin remover pads!

Overall, I love the concept. But, I do fear that if I do not replace the circular file over the remover pads, they will dry out and that will be a waste. The file is a good size to give yourself a quick file. The polish is clunky and wider than most making it a little difficult to hold while you paint your nails. The formula is comparable to many brands of other nail polishes, which makes it worth it.


NailPak is available in many different colors – a lot of fashionable colors – at their homepage: www.dualitycosmetics.com, and retails for $20 per NailPak on the site. You can also order them from QVC HERE where you can get 2 for the price of 1! Great deal!

* This product was provided to me by Duality Cosmetics and/or their PR company. All opinions are honest and my own. *


  1. I received my Nail Paks yesterday to great fanfare (I ordered them right after hearing about them on Shark Tank on April 29 and they took awhile to be shipped). I have to say that I’m impressed so far with the nail polish (I ordered Faith and Peyton and tried Faith on my fingernails).

    However, the nail files are weak and after using it once it’s pretty much gone and it did not do a great job. I still feel that I need to use my own file which defeats the purpose.

    I will say that I felt the moist nail polish remover pads were great; I found them sufficient and I was able to use one (1) pad per hand, removing a full manicure I received a week prior (so base coat, two layers of nail polish and a top coat) with no fail. As you’ve said, the nail polish remover smells wonderfully; I could removed nail polish on a train or plane with these pads and people around me wouldn’t know (…I wouldn’t actually apply nail polish in those situations, I’m just giving my thoughts about how chemical-free it /does smell/ like).

    I also think that the nail shades presented online are a bit off; I understand that nothing can be perfect and colors online/on a computer will look different in person. To me the Faith looks more white than pink when in the bottle and on the nail; it could be used on the tips of a French Manicure. While I made my purchase through the duality website, multiple others that purchased through QVC also state/agree that it is a white, and that you need two coats because the first one is left streaky (which further creates the white look). I actually didn’t order from QVC the first time thinking that I wanted to pick my own colors (and now looking back I probably would have ordered the “red & shear” one from QVC since that’s what I probably was looking for… I had wanted a red and a light pink and didn’t get that, see below regarding that…)

    Also, I have yet to try on Peyton, and I agree with you that you need to try on polish to determine how it really looks, in looking at it online: it looked red. What I got was a mauve/pink (more of a cooler tone instead of a red warm tone that I tend to use on my toenails). I thought that with Peyton being a “my girls” collection and is considered year-round wear (as stated on the website) they would offer a solid red. I didn’t order Rosa because it didn’t look “red” but “redish,” and the term “rosa” in English means/translates to pink.

    All-in-all a good purchase and wish that the future brings them good fortune and bright ideas to improve their brand and items. For now I can’t justify $20 on this nail polish until the file is a bit improved and they offer color descriptions/better images online.

  2. (I would say that the Peyton I have would be described as a “Rosa” in my book)

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