Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit (Passionfruit)


“A great product to help you achieve all of the health, happy hand goals is the Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit. In only a couple minutes a week, you will say goodbye to dull cracked nails and rediscover your natural healthy nails (It’s that efficient!) Our Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit is specially formulated with natural mineral rich ingredients from the Dead Sea combined with Liposomes of plant extract, Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera.”

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The Premier Buffing Block was my first step. I loved the fact that the directions were on the buffing block, like I’m used to, and it told me to start off with the blue strip to “remove lines, ridges and rough texture of your nails” – I was thankful for that wonderful blue strip because it actually took my nail stains out! I had used Bubble White previously, and that had done absolutely nothing, so I knew the key to getting the stains out was this buffing block, and it did wonders. Even my husband noticed and said that he was impressed. The 2nd step of the buffing block was using the grey strip to “remove all remaining ridges and stimulate blood circulation for a healthy growth”. The 3rd step was to use the white strip, “made out of silk” and it shined up my nails and it looks as if I have glossed it up with a clear polish, but it’s actually my natural nail! It was very flattering to my nails. Gorgeous! Take a look. I don’t usually show my naked nails, but here is my thumb!

I used the Premier Nail File next to shape up my nails, as you can see, it made my thumb look pretty stunning. It was pretty quick and didn’t require me sawing away the edges. Besides, you should never saw your nails for a filed look. You are supposed to go in one direction with a quick swipe, and this file didn’t use much effort and did a beautiful job, as you can see! This is going to be my go-to file.

The Premier Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil was really liquid, so when using it on your nails, be careful not to squeeze the tube too hard or else you will have an excess on your nails. Be gentle, and apply it on your nails and your cuticles. I actually prefer the cuticle oils with rollerballs because it makes it easier to apply, and you don’t really waste it! The scent is fresh and definitely reminds me of nature. I have the passionfruit scent, and it smelled more like citrus and fresh, tropical air. That’s just what I smelled.

Lastly, I used the Hand and Body Cream, which is “enriched with mineral and vitamins from the Dead Sea and natural plant extracts”. It had a similar scent as the Cuticle Oil. Nothing too overwhelming, which is a plus in my book! It did give a shine to my skin, and had a light formula – nothing too greasy.

All in all, the Passion Fruit Beautifying Nail Kit is a keeper and definitely PERFECT for getting and KEEPING gorgeous nails and having healthy skin!

The best news is…

I have ONE Passion Fruit Beautifying Nail Kit to GIVEAWAY (sponsored by Premier by Dead Sea Premier) to one of you lucky readers! Keep an eye out for that going up soon!

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* This product was sent to me for review by Premier by Dead Sea Premier. All opinions are honest and my own. I was not compensated for this review. *


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