Piggy Polish Buzz


Now, the story about this Neon Lime Green is rather short and sweet. I earned Rewards 2 from Ulta, and I read through the FREE gift section to see whether or not there were any polishes that I could snag, and GUESS WHAT? There was! Piggy Polish was free with my Rewards 2, so I was pretty excited. We went on a family trip to Ulta and I spent ALMOST forever trying to decide on which one I want, so I finally grabbed 5 and took them to my husband (who was playing with my son), without looking up said, “Okay, you found it? Good!” I almost took ALL 5 to the checkout, but I really came to get just one, so I said, “No, pick one of these!” And, he looked at them, and asked me, “Which color do you not have?” So, I looked down, and 3 went away. What are we left with you may ask? A rusty orange frost and a neon lime green. So, of course, we know which one he chose after that. I was really surprised that he would pick a neon, but I do remember the last time I brought home China Glaze Pool Party, he did respond, “Wow! I like that one!” And, I knew that he liked seeing neons on me. Speaking of which, there’s a sale at Walgreens this week for 99c Sinful Colors, and there are neons, I’ve heard! I am not going to be getting any because I need to exercise resistance. So, back to Buzz. I was not really happy at all with Buzz. Sure, it says it goes on toes, but there’s no way I’m going to show you my piggies, and I don’t want to see ANYONE’S piggies, either. I do not like seeing feet. Anyways, I went ahead and didn’t listen, and I don’t think there’s like a siren that’s going to ring if I don’t use them on my toes, but the formula was UBER thick, and not only that it was matte. What’s up with neons being matte? I mean, neons are supposed to be amazingly hot and bright. So, shouldn’t there be a SHINE? Nope. Not here. I was so disappointed with it that I removed it AND tried again. No luck. My husband asked me how it was and I told him it was like putty and looked like Gak (Does anybody remember that stuff?) and he just laughed.

Nickelodeon Gak 2012 Packaging found from nickalive.blogspot.com

So, that’s that. I think I got a defective Piggy Polish, but there’s no way I’m going to take a free product back! Anybody know what I should do to thin it out? I would appreciate it! What do you think of Buzz?


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