Julep Portia


A gorgeous sky blue jelly packed with TONS of glitter! Julep describes it as, “Sheer tropical blue with glittery sparkles that will remind you of a day on the beach”. It’s beautiful! I know I loved it at first sight, and HAD to have it, so I bought it. I layered it over itself because that is OUTSIDE my comfort zone. I don’t usually do this, but I kinda liked it!

I did, however, feel that Portia needed some nail lingerie! I do have a few colors I’d like to layer it over, so expect to see that in the future! Although, this baby was FULL of glitter, and I used 4 coats of it (the formula was just so effortless, not too thin and not too thick! *LOVE*) because I really wanted to see that sky blue jelly, which never really made much of an appearance (much to my disappointment).

I did NOT use acetone remover and it swiped RIGHT off. I was instantly head over heels at this point because I usually avoid glitters because I know what a pain it is to take them off, but I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled because it IS too gorgeous of a glitter polish, and I just can’t wait to keep using it! If you don’t have this Julep, go grab it! Sephora now sells Juleps, and I have yet to visit my Sephora (it’s far away from home) to see if they have it, but if they do not, order it! It’s one of those that you will treasure!


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