1. I’ve been wanting to try their polish- some of the jewel effects ones especially look intriguing.

    • Yeah, it was an awesome experience! Today is Day 1 of it on my toes. It is SO glossy! The Jewel Effect looks amazing! Hope to try it soon!

    • Hi, Pony! You may visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/dazzledry and see for yourself how Dazzle Dry works on natural nails. We have an ongoing nail art contest which you may be interested in joining. You can also ask questions about our nail polish on the Facebook Wall, and receive expert answers from the Dazzle Dry team.

  2. Thank you for reviewing Dazzle Dry. Try warming up the Base Coat (make sure cap is closed tight) in a bowl of warm water just before you use it. It should turn clear and fluid like water. This will give you better adhesion (longer wear) especially if you apply two generous coats of it. Wait for the second coat to dry (1-2 minutes) before applying the Nail Lacquer.

    To create larger cracks with the Dazzle Dry Lace Textures, apply it generously (the thicker the coat, the larger the cracks) over Top Coat and do not go over the same area more than once. Try different brush strokes to apply and be amazed at the different designs that will be formed. Example, instead of brushing straight from base of nail to tip, try diagonal strokes, or dab globs of it on and swirl the dabs or go from side to side….

    Looking forward to reading more of your experience with Dazzle Dry!

  3. I’ve never heard of these polishes, they sound amazing I really want to try them!

  4. Thank you for sharing your Dazzle Dry experience! L- xo

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