April 2012 Birchbox


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The April Birchbox was a super bummer! I had heard from SO many people that they got a mini Zoya nail polish in their Birchbox. My Beauty Profile says clearly that I would splurge on nail polish, and I was shocked that I did not get one. The subscription is $10/month, and Zoya nail polish is $8 each, so it’s not really asking for much! Anyways, you’ll see what made me a little more PO’d.

The Birchbox was packaged neatly, as usual, replacing pink tissue paper with green tissue paper in honor of Earth Day and everything organic. I definitely liked the green paper better than pink (but I’m not really a pink person; although, I don’t dislike it!) There was the card at the front. I opened this with my hubby (who was curious to see if I got my Zoya or not! Cute, right?) And, I flipped over the card (as not to read the spoiler) and opened everything and saw everything, and my face clearly read DISAPPOINTED!

Here’s the card:

Let’s start with the Atelier Cologne. No, I have never heard of this, nor am I a big fan of perfume/cologne samples. I pass them up at the mall, so of course, I was disappointed to see this teeny tiny vial even a salesperson at Macy’s could give to me for FREE. It smells nice: citrusy and like fennel, but not something I like enough to buy in full-size.

Next was the Befine Skin Sampler: Um, packets of SPFs and Face Cleanser for daily use? Um, no thanks!

004 Huile Moderne – An oil for EVERYTHING: Ugh! I tried it on, and I’m a sucker for serums and oils, but this one stinks so badly that I had to run and wash it off with soap to get the scent off! Ick. Not using it, obviously!

Beauty Balm – Okay, this wasn’t so bad. I like the color of it, and I will definitely wear this once in awhile, and the reason this product didn’t disappoint was that it’s actual COSMETICS! *Gasp* That’s exactly the kind of stuff I expect in here. Not cleansers, not perfumes, but cosmetics! Like, eyeshadows, lipsticks, NAIL POLISH, blushes, mascaras… Here’s a “swatch” of it on my arm. One thing I disliked about this beauty balm was the way it flaked all over the place. I was expecting it to be smooth and not flake, especially since it’s a BALM.

The next thing was MEGA disappointing! I love teas, don’t get me wrong. It runs in my Indian blood to love tea, but really? Considering it a beauty product is absolute nonsense. I do not care if it’s considered a lifestyle extra. It has NO place in a subscription for LUXE beauty products. I mean, I kept rolling this idea in my head while shaking my head (My son got a kick out of it thinking I was playing with him!): “Really? Tea?!”

Overall reaction: NOT HAPPY! Only 1 out of 5 since I *MAY* use the balm. But, I don’t know if I’ll even like that. I hate to be a complainer, but usually I am happy about everything I get no matter what it is! So, I hated to be bummed out! I could have used that $10 on ANYTHING polish-related considering I was supposed to be polish-free this month! It’s okay, though! It is what it is, and I am going to decide whether or not to get the May Birchbox – it’s Gossip Girl-related, so I have high hopes for it, and if it turns out to be horrible, you know what I’ll do!

IBD Reconstrux Day 3: I am loving this oil and still applying it 3 times a day. The scent is bearable and actually really nice, so I don’t mind applying it! 🙂


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